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View Slide deck presentation (the Business Process Management Initiative) is a non-profit corporation that aims to empower companies of all sizes, across all industries, to develop and operate business processes that span multiple applications and business partners, behind the firewall and over the Internet.

The Initiative’s core objective is to promote and develop open, complete and royalty free xml-based standards that support and enable Business Process Management (BPM) in industry.

BPMI embraces existing standards where appropriate, working with complementary standards bodies such as the OMG, WfMC and OASIS. In areas where standards are lacking, BPMI focuses on standards development to support the entire life-cycle of business process management – from process design, through deployment, execution, maintenance, and optimization.

Context was originally founded as a non-profit to initiate a major step forward in the world of business processes – beyond traditional workflow and ERP systems infrastructure capabilities. We realised that firms wanted the capability to independently manage their business processes as ‘assets’ – without proprietary restrictions placed on their deployment. In an evolving world, processes drive businesses and standards matter.

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BPMI focuses upon the Business Process as the inflexion point between the business environment and a technology implementation. Our work is relevant to a wide range of audiences as we innovate a seamless transition ‘path to execution’ for Business Processes. Our aim is to unify process thinking across Business and IT disciplines. defines open specifications, such as the Business Process Modeling Language (BPML), and the Business Process Query Language (BPQL), that will enable the standards-based management of e-Business processes with forthcoming Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), in much the same way SQL enabled the standards-based management of business data with off-the-shelf Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Scope considers an e-Business process conducted among two business partners as made of three parts: a Public Interface and two Private Implementations (one for each partner). The Public Interface is common to the partners and is supported by protocols such as ebXML, RosettaNet, and BizTalk. The Private Implementations are specific to every partner and are described in any executable language. BPML is one such language.

Once developed, the Private Implementation of an e-Business process must be deployed on a platform that will actually execute it. For this purpose, defines BPQL, a standard management interface for the deployment and execution of e-Business processes. Furthermore, BPQL relies on UDDI in order to provide a standard way to register, advertise, and discover the Public Interfaces of e-Business processes.

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The first draft of the BPML specification was submitted to members on August 14, 2000. Subsequent versions are currently being discussed and improved within The final draft was made available to the public on March 8, 2001.

Organization has been established as a non-profit corporation within the state of California. The organization is headed by a five-member board of directors, along with an executive director. Specifications developed within are free for any organization to implement, extend, or modify. was initiated by Intalio and founded in August 2000 by Aventail, Black Pearl, Blaze Software, Bowstreet, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Computer Sciences Corporation, Cyclone Commerce, DataChannel, Entricom, Intalio, Ontology.Org, S1 Corporation, Versata, VerticalNet, Verve, and XMLFund. The current list of members can be found at Members List